Abreeze concept


A Breath of Fresh Air for Enhanced Organic Hair and Scalp

Up until now, organic hair care has mainly been about being “gentle on your hair.”
Abreeze is of course gentle on hair, but at the same time seeks through a new, unique system to realize organic products that help users overcome the worries they have over their hair.
Abreeze brings you organic hair care for professionals specially enhanced to make your hair and scalp thrive for beauty and health.

オーガニック きらめく髪と地肌のために 美・サイクル

  • An organic solution to diverse types of hair trouble,
    such as hair weakened through damage or aging.
    Abreeze uses a carefully selected formula of organic components that act powerfully to retain moisture, prevent aging and heal damage. It also contains Echinacea extract (Echinacea purpurea extract), grown without the use of farm chemicals on our own farmland to further enhance its functionality.
  • Supplementing the defects of traditional organic hair care
    With Abreeze we took measures specifically to avoid the poor lathering and squeakiness that many other organic hair products suffer from. A variety of plant components form an abundant lather while also caring for your hair and scalp, to give you a fully satisfying wash while helping to solve your hair problems.
  • Made in Japan for the hair of Japanese women
    The hair of Japanese people, compared to that of people from Europe or America, tends to be stiffer and drier, making the hair more prone to dryness and the cuticles delicate. Using our many years of experience as manufacturers of Made in Japan hair care products for salons, we can bring you organic hair care matching the particular hair quality of Japanese people.


  • Contains Echinacea extract grown on our own farmland

    We give special emphasis to the power of Echinacea extract (Echinacea purpurea extract) as a herbal essence essential for giving moisture to your hair and scalp, and grow it without the use of farm chemicals on our own farmland. Our products contain only safe and pure extracts.

  • The wonderful natural aroma of herbs

    Our company’s fragrance techniques are renowned as the first to introduce aromas to Japanese hair products. Gentle sweet scents specially tailored to Japanese preferences soothe and hearten the soul. Experience the power of aroma therapy while you care for your hair.

  • Using natural water from the Shinshu Northern Alps

    The water we use in our products is also a key element. We make sure of the quality of this water by taking pure natural water from the Shinshu Northern Alps welling up from 100 meters below ground.

  • Using cleaning agents with excellent biodegradability

    Abreeze uses cleaning agents with superior biodegradability, ensuring its gentleness to the environment.