Azumino no Daichi concept

Azumino no Daichi

Additive-free natural cosmetic azumino no Daichi Series

  • Natural water
    from the Japan Alps

    Natural water from the Japan Alps, certified as one of Japan’s Hundred Best Springs, is used as the base of the product. It has an excellent mineral balance and brings a springy freshness to the skin.

  • The natural fragrance of the wild rose

    The natural fragrance comes from the wild rose, which has moisture-retaining properties. This fragrance wreathes itself round your skin and heart, to bring you peace and easefulness.

  • Strictly
    no additives

The power of 13 different plants to bring your skin a youthful glow

Lavishly filled with 13 different types of plant extracts that patiently yet surely act upon aged skin, penetrating deeply into the strateum corneum, to fill it with moisture and improve tone and glossiness, bringing you rejuvenated and glowing natural skin.