PRO & PRO concept


What is shabby hair?

Shabby hair is our catchall term for hair that has gone past being just “damaged” to reach a critically frayed and unmanageable level, as well as hair weakened and thinned due to aging.

The B-for-Beauty Cycle for Severely Damaged Shabby Hair

If faced with problems like these, you are most likely using products claiming to be “especially for damaged hair” on a daily basis, yet failing to see any real results.

PRO&PRO was designed especially for hairdressers to solve the toughest hair care problems, as the product for shabby hair that the professional’s professional uses.

“PRO&PRO”, a system that focuses on shabby hair from various perspectives.  Approaches shabby hair from various angles to find out how to treat every single problem.

  • Making future hair stronger

    Old keratin and excess sebum and waste in pores are removed to help maintain a healthy scalp that will be the foundation for beautiful hair growth.

  • Repairs appropriately, reliably

    Firmly repairs with a special focus on severely damaged hair ends. Appropriately repairs according to the level of damage.

  • Deeply nourishes the hair

    Contains components such as nanoized ingredients that penetrate thoroughly into the hair. Nourishes the hair quickly and deeply.

  • Continuously protects the hair from daytime UV and drying

    Protects hair against daytime external stimuli that cause further damage, for a moisturized, easy-to-manage, beautiful hair finish.