SAPPRU concept


Features of SAPPRU H35 / SAPPURUC50

Both high molecular weight components that spread over the surface of the skin and low molecular weight components that rapidly penetrate deep into the skin are present in the beauty essences in a double combination for each type. Your skin will transform under your eyes as soon as you apply SAPPRU.

Suffusing your skin outside and in with beauty components to keep it moist and keep it springy for hours and hours!

Hyaluronic acid and collagen decrease as we age

Hyaluronic acid and collagen reach their peak at around 20 years of age, then decline with aging and the loss of generative capabilities.

  • As the amount of moisture-accumulating hyaluronic acid decreases, the skin’s moisture-retaining capacity weakens and the skin loses its freshness, which in turn leads to dryness and roughness and lowers the skin’s barrier functions.
  • The decline of collagen, which criss-crosses the skin in a mesh pattern to maintain its elasticity, weakens the skin’s ability to keep itself up, which results in sagging skin.

The quantities of hyaluronic acid and collagen in the skin

The rejuvenation of collagen in the skin when we reach our forties is said to be less than half what it was at its peak, while the amount of hyaluronic acid falls to a quarter by the time we are in our sixties.

Features of SAPPRU VC Double combination of Vitamin C derivatives.*4 For bright and clear skin that shines! Replenishing darkened skin with moisture to support translucence. Smooth, clear skin from the very next morning!

For people concerned about their skin’s texture and translucence

Contains a double combination of two types of Vitamin C derivatives. This product allows moisture to rapidly spread through the skin, creating a fine-textured translucent feel and glowing skin.

Enriches with moisturizing beauty components to 
keep your skin SMOOTH and TRANSLUCENT
for hours and hours!