We undertake to handle with the utmost care the private information of our customers, and endeavor to protect their privacy on our website Pacific Products ("" hereinafter called "the Website").

1.When our customers request inquiries, confirmations, modifications etc. concerning their own private information, we shall comply with such requests as quickly as reasonably possible.

2.Our company shall respect rules and laws pertaining to the handling of private information of our customers, and at the same time shall revise this policy properly, endeavoring to improve it. In connection with the above, we request our customers to understand that this policy may change without prior notice.

3.The Website may be required to disclose our customers’ personal information when such disclosure is mandatory by law or when it is rationally deemed that such disclosure is necessary for the following purposes:

  • ・to comply with a demand made from a public institution to our company or to persons who operate the Website.
  • ・to protect or defend the rights or the assets of our company’s employees or of our customers.
  • ・when an emergency action is required for the purpose of securing the bodily security of our company or of our customers or of the general public.

However, we never use our customers’ personal information for any purposes except for the first mentioned purpose or the above three cases.

4.Though the Website makes the utmost efforts to protect our customers’ privacy and personal information, our company is not in a position to administer the personal information of our customers when the site in question is not under the administration of our company, even when it is a site linked with the Website.  As it is possible that such sites, on their own initiative, may collect our customers’ private information or collect personal information through such acts as use of a comment board, our customers are requested to exercise the utmost caution in the handling of personal information.

5.When our customers wish to access or visit the Website, there is in principle no need to provide identifying information such as address, name, etc. However, personal information must be registered on the Website when making inquiries there. There is no charge for inquiries made, but communication fees and provider fees for access to the Website are to be paid by customers.